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There are countless ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. You can dive into one of the best books written by Hispanic authors lookin' at you, Isabel Allende. If you're looking to treat yourself, splurge at a Latinx-owned business. Or, at the end of a long week, settle in for a Spanish TV show bingeand work on those language skills if you're in the process of learning. But in these trying times, we find that laughter is the best medicine—which is why we recommend turning to Hispanic comedians.

Hailing from around the world, and ranging in age from Gen-Z to Baby Boomer, this list demonstrates the range of experiences within the Latinx community. Marga Gomez's sets, for example, give insight into life as a middle-aged Latina lesbian; Danielle Perez's comedy is about being a Puerto Rican millennial with physical disabilities, and Joanna Hausmann's videos dissect cultural differences. Finally, while most of these sets are in English, we also included some Spanish language options as well.

It was an honor to perform at the tedwomen conference last year. Check out my set link in bio ginabrillon tedtalks photo credit: Marla Aufmuth. Gina Brillon always knew she was destined to make people laugh—the Bronx-born comic has been been performing stand-up since she was In it, she talks about her childhood, her Puerto Rican identity, and bridging cultural divides with her husband, who is a Midwestern white man. Watch Her Comedy Special. Never give up on yourself and always remember you get what you put out in the world. A post shared by adamrayokay on Jul 1, at am PDT.

Watch His Videos. We hear this week if my movie criticalthinking got into sxsw southbysouthwestfilmfestival! True story of 5 Latinx kids who became National chess champions in from Miami. John Leguziamo was inspired to write the Tony Award-winning play Latin History for Morons after his teenage son, Lucas, was bullied in school.

Leguziamo wanted Lucas to be proud of his roots, and have a way to stand up to people. In Latin History for Moronsnow streaming on Netflix, the Colombian-born actor and comedian fits a 3,year history of a civilization into a funny and educational hour-and-a-half. In addition to teaching people what they didn't learn in history class, the actor and comedian fights for Latinx representation in pop culture. Also, check out his one-man show Freak.

Watch His One-Man Show. Sara Contreras grew up in Brooklyn with Puerto Rican parents and five siblings—and you'll definitely hear stories about them in her spirited stand up sets. Featured in Showtime's Latin Divas of Comedy special, Contreras has the kind of infectiously positive, playful energy you'll want to start the day—which is what makes her recently launched podcast so necessary. Start the morning with laughter. Watch Her Standup. Tonight is the night! Watch me host TheArtOfComedy on hbomax! Who is ready to laugh tonight!?

Anjelah Johnson went from being a professional cheerleader to White latin bald guy looking for a hosed lady viral video maven to a well-known stand-up comedian. Johnson was born and raised in California, and often brings up her Mexican heritage in her sets—including this one about trying to one-up her Dominican husband. Watch Her Netflix Special. George Lopez is a comedy legend, and has a talk show, scripted TV show, producing credits, and multiple stand-up specials on his IMDB to prove it.

In the Mexican-American mega-star's new Netflix specialhe approaches hot-button issues with his ature fearlessness. Watch His Netflix Special. One of my favorite shots from hacomedyfest special showing on hbomax Jokes live in our dreams until we usher them down. Look up! A laugh could b waiting! Before she became a stand-up comedian, Monique Marvez sold malpractice insurance. Marvez performed her first stand-up set inand everything changed. She calls herself a modern day Mae West —and after watching her sets, we agree. Marvez cuts to the truth of interpersonal relationships, but in a playful and irresistible way.

Me auditioning to M. But Castro especially shines in his Comedy Central series Alternatino with Arturo Castroa surreal sketch comedy show inspired by Castro's experiences as a Latino millennial. Don't have all day? Luckily, many of the show's sketches are available on YouTube. Watch a Sketch. My hats off to the city of Tampa. We started at a small comedy club in Ybor 20 years ago and look at us now.

White latin bald guy looking for a hosed lady

His name is Gabriel Iglesias, but you can call him Fluffy. Iglesias is one of the most popular Hispanic stand-up comedians working today, selling out stadiums like Madison Square Garden. Iglesias's latest gig is playing the titular character in the Netflix series Mr. Iglesiasa kind-hearted comedy about a high school teacher trying to make a difference in kids' lives. Watch His Standup. The Kid Mero often shouts out and impersonates his Dominican family. Watch His Talk Show. We made it.

Tonight is our official opening night for Latina Christmas Special at sohoplayhouse off broadway!! So come have some holiday hilarity with mariaannrussell dianayanezshow and me Sandra Valls! Valls doesn't talk much about politics much in her personal comedy sets—but she considers being onstage itself a vocal act of representation.

How did this guy get that girl? The irreverent and iconic Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong—better known as Cheech and Chong—are pioneers in the "stoner comedy" movie genre. Since the movies that catapulted him to stardom in the '70s, Marin has had a huge impact on Latino culture, appearing across film and TV. Inhis private collection of Chicano art, thought to be the largest in the world, will have a permanent home in a Riverside, CA arts center.

White latin bald guy looking for a hosed lady

What a show!!! What a crowd!!! Sanz, who was born in Chile, ed Saturday Night Live in as the show's first-ever Latino cast member. Along with fellow Latino SNL alum Fred Armisen, Sanz launched a project to cultivate comedy talent within the Hispanic community check out one of their funniest videos here. Now, he's most active on his podcast, The Hooray Show. Listen to His Podcast. Mexico City. In an area called La Condesa. I met some very talented comedians here today, as well as a band called Vaya Futuro.

Fred Armisen made a name for himself on Saturday Night Liveand continued to showcase his off-kilter humor in Portlandia. Armisen, whose mother is from Venezuela, also created the series. Watch an SNL Sketch. In Paris, blood coursing through my veins at alarming speeds. In case you don't have time to watch the show or one of her stand-up specials, give Fabrega's madcap Twitter a follow.

Julio Torres is a Salvadoran writer and comedian, known for his work behind-the-scenes at Saturday Night Live and on-screen in Los Espookys.

White latin bald guy looking for a hosed lady

If the sketch or joke is otherworldly and high-concept, chances are, Torres is behind it. During his stand-up sets, Torres deploys a dead-pan tone to talk about the utterly absurd —and it's a delight. What other panels would you like to see? Speaking to Quiero the ShowX Mayo explained that she uses comedy as a tool for education—which makes her an ideal writer for the show that uses humor to illuminate current events. Watch an Interview. I shot a thing today for Pixar. Guess what it was about InCristela Alonzo made history as the first Latinx woman to create, write and star in a network TV sitcom.

The loosely autobiographical show was about her life as a Mexican-American woman. Unfortunately, like so many Latinx-centric TV showsCristela was cancelled after one season. But Alonzo didn't stop performing, and using her voice to fight for those less fortunate through activism. While she always touches on her childhood in sets, Alonzo goes into further detail about her upbringing in Texas and her diehard Selena fandom in her memoir. Write them down, make them plain.

In a word, Aida Rodriguez is brave.

White latin bald guy looking for a hosed lady

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Our Favorite Hispanic Comedians Are Guaranteed to Make You Laugh Out Loud