Trocas en venta en las vegas

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Excellent Customer Service and Repair! We purchased a Rave here and have had warranty as well as owner maintenance. Excellent vehicle overall. Great gas mileage. Atmiles and i still have the original clutch. Excellent car for commuting and excellent on the highway. Joe Monaco assisted me and got me in asap got the repair done and had a great time in Las Vegas and drove home without a problem. Joe Manaco did a amazing job. I love it. Karla is very helpful and knowledgeable, it was good to have service rep.

Thank you. It's a very comfortable car that's fun to drive. I'm very happy with my CRV. Exceptional customer service. Professional, accommodating and personable sales staff and managers. From the start the staff was attentive and open. Process was painless. Kelvin and Reuben are awesome. This car was comfortable, reliable, fun to drive, and very practical. It was a lease, and I only drove it for 2 years before being approached by the dealer to upgrade into a Also great car, but the RDX was much more comfortable and practical, and had less noise issues Always great service professionals, diagnostics and service.

Trocas en venta en las vegas

My vehicle is always clean upon return and running smoothly. This Yukon is very roomy, comfortable, has tv for my. New tires, great condition Best vehicle I have ever owned. I highly recommend it. Kathie was very helpful to us and was pleasant in every aspect. Had this car for 3.

Trocas en venta en las vegas

Though not perfect - I loved it. Nice power when you needed it. Decent MPG. Very reliable. Maintenance was not bad at all. Nice features with the Touring trim level. Mr Omar Pore performed an excellent job in delivering my vehicle on schedule. I owned either Ford or Chevy trucks in the past this is my first Ram.

The Rebel trim package won me over with the panoramic sun roof 12 inch infotainment screen etc. Mark was outstanding, as usual. The team had my service completed and my vehicle ready for me very quickly, and they never fail to keep my 4Runner in peak mechanical condition.

They even washed it for me! This truck has what I need. I needed a 4x4 vehicle in order to not get stuck in the winter and this truck will definitely help. Matt at W Sahara was very friendly and helpful. We are very happy with our purchase. This car meets all the things I was looking for in a new car. It has 3 USB ports to use for all my devices. Pleasant, smooth and seamless transaction purchasing my SL inspired me to buy Maserati for my daughter from this dealership.

Absolutely fantastic experience in both instances.

Trocas en venta en las vegas

More than fair pricing and friendly and knowledgeable staff makes this dealership standing out. Service department is hustle free, officiant and pays attention to details I even miss. Recommended already to all my friends and clients. Nobody was ever disappointed. I am truly looking forward to shop here again.

What doesn't this car do? It updates itself over the internet like your phone. It has the best bluetooth implementation I've ever seen. The entire roof is made of glass, so you can see the stars at night by looking up. You can make the most ridiculous merges because you know you have instant power, all while being more efficient than the gas car you now find obsolete. The major trade-off is travel distance, but at miles per charge, and the average person driving just 40 miles a day Give me a break.

Test drive a Tesla. You're gonna be surprised. This is my 4th Ford Explorer over the last 20 years and I am very happy. Every time I upgrade is nicer in every aspect. I am glad that after so many people telling me to just go to another style and company, I made the right decision. The SUV meet all my family need with space, seating and tech that come from the factory are perfect for us.

My wife works as an independent contractor she has a lot of equipment to move during the job hours. Picking kids from school after work work out perfectly without having to toll trailer around with her. Well how do we start Garrett Greene was exceptional showed off the SUV like he owed it like he was Trocas en venta en las vegas of it and he sold us right there and then best sales person I have ever met I would be coming back to him soon thank you for the best great Deal basically walked off with a brand brand new suv.

Not the type of car to tell your wife about ; Its real nice to drive around, but sadly my wife wouldn't say yes to the purchase. The staff was very professional and hospitable. Matthew Baldwin treated us with exceptional service!!! He made my wife and I feel welcomed and appreciated!!! Went above and beyond!!! Highly recommend him and this dealership. Will definitely buy my next vehicle here!!!!

Trocas en venta en las vegas

Every convenience you could want in a Truck. He went above and beyond and provided exceptional service! He was patient, knowledgeable, provided options, and ensured I was in great spirits. Continue to do what you do Dominique, your hard work is paying off and is not going unnoticed!

Thank you again!! Looking for good gas mileage and comfort. Also, looking for closer place to get service which Raabe provided. The reliability of the vehicle was also a consideration. Great place to buy a car, Bob was very helpful and gave us a great deal. We are very satisfied. We would purchase our next vehicle there.

Trocas en venta en las vegas

Reliable, economical to own, and very comfortable ride. Honda engines purr. Safe and easy to handle driving and parking. Highly recommend for durability and luxury without the cost and fluff. Braxton is fit to his job.

Trocas en venta en las vegas

He is very enthusiastic and had helped us get what we really need and want. Over all, he succeeded our expectations.

Trocas en venta en las vegas

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