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When the lights went out on the Imperial Queen's Park Hotel in late it wasn't just Bangkok's largest hotel that was plunged in to darkness but with it much of Sukhumvit soi The largest source of customers for many of the businesses in the soi was no longer. Since then it has been a struggle for many on soi 22 with some businesses folding, while many have scraped by.

Few have thrived. With the refurbished Queen's Park Hotel rebranded Soi 22 sukhumvit bangkok a Marriott and set to reopen in July as well as a flurry of construction taking place up and down the soi, the future of Sukhumvit soi 22 looks bright again. Entering Sukhumvit soi 22, first impressions are dire. The 4 beer bars at the mouth of the soi are staffed by what must be the world's most convivial hosts because I cannot possibly imagine they were hired for their looks.

A few paces along are a couple of massage houses with aggressive ladies who think nothing of grabbing the private parts of passersby. It's only when you reach Titanium, some hundred odd metres up from Sukhumvit Road that things Soi 22 sukhumvit bangkok to get better. Soi 22 runs 1. With many sub sois, and mini-neighbourhoods with their own unique personality, soi 22 has a bit of everything.

From fine dining to some of the cheapest short-time hotels in the city, soi 22 has it all. Bangkok's newest Marriott property is scheduled to welcome its first customers on July 9th when the wing closest to Sukhumvit Road is scheduled to open. The other wing will follow on November 9th. With more than 1, rooms, it will be the largest hotel in Bangkok. This alone should be the catalyst that turns soi 22 around. Washington Square was leveled a few years ago and with it soi 22 lost a unique, if shabby slice of Bangkok bar history. Of the dozen or so venues operating in the area, a couple have relocated — Bourbon Street has moved to Soi Ekamai and Denny's Corner has been renamed Denny's and moved to the ground floor of the Holiday Inn and the start of soi The rest of what was Washington Square is now the recently opened Dinosaur Planet theme park with the Ferris wheel which caught fire yesterday.

Dinosaur Planet is a temporary addition to soi 22 and will be dismantled and moved to Pattaya later in the year. What was Washington Square and the rest of the prime space at the start of soi 22 behind the Holiday Inn will be developed sooner or later but still no-one is sure what it will be with various sets of plans talked about. Soi 22 is home to the sort of pokey massage houses where the only thing not on offer is a back rub. The best and most popular place to eat in soi 22 is, however, not in Park The No Idea Gastro Pub, about metres in to the soi on the right-hand side is the brainchild of Dave, who turned Corleone's around — rebranding it as Soi 8 Pub and taking it from a gang hangout to an immensely popular bistro and bar.

No Idea has a strong following amongst expats and is known for very good food and one of the most extensive, yet reasonably priced wine lists in the city. Their duck salad with a light Moroccan sauce is a favourite of mine. Soi 22 is home to the quirky Friese-Greene Cluba small 9-seat cinema. Its website describes it as " small, private dedicated to those people who have a passion for cinema; filmmakers, film students, film journalists, or film enthusiasts. Long-running Titanium became known for its all-girl band but there's much more to it. Upstairs there's an ice bar and downstairs there are hot hostesses.

In some ways it's a naughty boy's bar and in others it isn't. Some of the girls are available, some are not. It's popular not just with the naughty boy crowd but with female expats too. The barfine for the hostesses who go is more than some spend on a night out and even then there's no guarantee of anything more than a date. Soi 22 has a couple of dozen massage houses. On the main road you have a few straight massage outlets where a proper massage will leave you feeling better than when you walked in. And then there are those outlets in which you're likely to be offered extras — and the masseuse may be annoyed if you decline.

Soi 22 sukhumvit bangkok

Venues down the side alleys tend to have s showing a full range of massage options but expect to be steered towards an oil massage…and we know what that means! The Queen's Park Plaza beer bar area is still in business despite many rumours over the years that it would be leveled and become a hotel or condominium.

That will surely happen one day but for now it remains business as usual. Queen's Park Plaza tends to be more laid-back than similar bars on the other side of the Asoke intersection, and is popular with those on a budget. Like much of downtown Bangkok, land on Sukhumvit soi 22 is changing hands for s that look like telephone s.

Expect the entire area from the Asoke intersection to Emporium and down to Rama 4 Road to change markedly over the next few years. The block of 9 shophouses opposite the big hotel has been cleared out with only Super Rich still operating. Expect something shiny and new to replace it. The area east of Asoke, to soi 22 and beyond, south of Sukhumvit Road i. A few hundred metres beyond the new Marriott Hotel, at least 5 huge towers are going up in the area between sois 22 and 24, two of which will be 60 storeys, the other 3 will be odd storeys.

That could be a few thousand new condos — and these are not cheap developments so expect most occupants to have a car. Soi 22, like so many sois off Sukhumvit, is narrow — just one lane in each direction. Traffic is already bad in the area at peak hour and can only get worse. It's not like they're going to widen the soi. This time last year I thought the next Sukhumvit soi to see major investment and development would be soi 13, but I've changed my mind after construction on the mammoth Hyde Sukhumvit project at the start of the soi has stalled again.

Until that building is completed, the road is improved and a proper sidewalk built, it's hard to see much happening in the soi. Soi 22 has large hotels due to open, many huge condos being built, available space for new businesses to Soi 22 sukhumvit bangkok in to and rents haven't got silly yet. There's already enough going on in soi 22 for a good night out, but give it a few years and it could become a genuine rival to soi Where was this photo taken?

Last week's photo was taken on the road out to Nonthaburi, past Pak Kret. Only one person got it right. Preference may be given to s which refer to the week's column. This week you mention the cost of flights to Thailand. I have for years thought that there must be a vendetta by farangs against Thai Airways. When I used to read Thai Visa there seemed to be a concerted campaign. I have been coming to Thailand sincesometimes to visit friends on my own, sometimes with family, nearly always with Thai Airways. Yes, in the old days we loved the food and the lovely trolley dollies.

Now sadly that isn't so much of a draw. Having always needed to count the pennies, Thai was always the first choice of the direct flights. Also Thai will take me on to anywhere in Thailand for a small supplement. We have always traveled economy and usually been very comfortable. Last January we did a one-way upgrade to business as a 50th wedding anniversary treat and were very impressed. Mind you, we have no point of comparison and what is worse is that we slept for much of the flight that we did not make full use of the facilities.

Must do it just one more time and try to stay awake. I have flown twice on EVA in premium. Yes, the seats are bigger but the food and service were not up to even present day Thai standards. What's more, the all female staff were not able to cope with a couple of disruptive passengers who would not have got away with their behaviour on Thai.

Almost always the food and drinks service on Thai is good, if a little rushed. Usually two drinks runs, Singha in my case. Then wine and a top up with the meal and a couple of coffee and brandies to follow. And so to sleep. All around, difficult to beat in my opinion. First time trip to Don Meuang Airport's Terminal 2 and it is quite an improvement.

It seems about triple the size of Terminal 1 and quite a bit easier to get around. Also, there is no difference in the taxi pick-up situation to go up to the departures level and easily catch an incoming taxi. I just saw the appalling video of the British family beaten remorselessly by Thai thugs in Hua Hin. I'm sure you've seen it too. The sad thing is Soi 22 sukhumvit bangkok immediate thought was that it's good thing there was CCTV or the attack would probably have been pinned on some Burmese guest workers. That's about how cynical I have become with Thailand and its "justice system".

I have long known that the perceived safety in Thailand is a bit of a mirage but until recently I still believed that if you keep your wits about you and have some insight into the local psyche and what might tick a Thai off, you were safer there than in most places. I mean a stupidly Soi 22 sukhumvit bangkok whoremonger who gets beaten up on the streets of Pattaya is one thing. I can say to myself he maybe got worse than he deserved but he probably wasn't altogether innocent in the first place.

It's not yet rampant enough to keep me from visiting, but it's heading in that direction.

Soi 22 sukhumvit bangkok

And my distrust in the Thai "justice system" compounds on this feeling. We love Thailand. We've spent few weeks there every winter since The military regime has put us off from time to time but we've convinced ourselves that the country is still the same. Attacks on people is something we've seen in many clips over the past years, although we have always, successfully in our minds, managed to blame the drunken, middle-aged victims even though the young attackers seem to enjoy themselves. Anyway, this picture of a lady being kicked in the face in Hua Hin is just too much.

Therefore, dear Thailand, it's over! Our winter holiday will be spent elsewhere. I went to a very nice Thai restaurant the other evening just inside Sukhumvit soi 29 called Mahanaga serving what they describe as modern Thai cuisine. It claims it has 'continuously' been voted Thailand's best restaurant by Thailand Tattler magazine over the past 12 years.

Soi 22 sukhumvit bangkok Soi 22 sukhumvit bangkok

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