No girl can freak me i m just to nasty

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Reviews that appear to be created by parties with a vested interest in the medication will not be published. I met up with some old friends this summer and stupidly had unprotected sex with a guy I use to date years ago. I was also in my fertile window according to my app. My period ended up being two weeks late! Girlies, try to relax. The best of luck to everyone reading through these comments. My partner pulled out. I was sooo scared and the cramping and sore breasts did not help ease my mind so I was convinced I was pregnant.

That was until I found this with similar women sharing stories of them taking plan b and it actually still working for them. I am proud to say I was one of those people. I actually got my period 4 days early but be prepared for a very heavy period and bad cramps. Trust the process and stay off the internet because pregnancy and period symptoms are so similar you will only drive yourself crazy. I had sex on my ovulation day and took plan B 24 hours after.

I am not on birth control too. I cried for 2 weeks.

No girl can freak me i m just to nasty

On day 10 after taking it I started spotting just like what implantation bleeding looks like. I talked to every person under the sun looking for answers and advice, but I still had to wait it out for the period. The spotting happened for 4 days straight, where it then turned into a period. I was scared to death. Stay off doing internet searchers, PMS, plan b side effects, and pregnancy side effects are all the same. Take one the day of your missed period. You got this!!

No girl can freak me i m just to nasty

On May 20, I had unprotected sex, but there was only pre cum involved. So I bought plan B, approximately 40 mins after and I was ovulating during that time. About days after I took the plan B, I spotted for about 4 days. Weeks after I was convinced that I was pregnant by all the symptoms I had. Then I took a pregnancy test after a week of my period being late and it came out negative. I know I took about 6 pregnancy tests all came back negative.

Thank goodness, I got my period today July 19 after having my last period on May I pray for all of you ladies who are currently going through the scary situation I went through to stay strong and have faith that your period will come. I truly hope this helps someone. Feb 21st the day after my ovulation day but still in my fertile window my BF fully came in me after the condom broke. He bought the Plan B 45 minutes later and I immediately took it. Reading these reviews helped me but did not stop me from stressing.

I experience a little bit of nausea after taking it but I think that was just me overthinking. I also had all my PMS symptoms like sore boobs, back fatigue, and mild cramps. Then just yesterday I had spotting similar to implantation bleeding. And PRAY!

No girl can freak me i m just to nasty

On my day of ovulation I was convinced he didn't pull out efficiently. The next morning I took plan B. The initial effects were not bad at all. My stomach felt a little off but barely noticeable. I knew this was not my period and apparently this is common.

My stomach was bloated all month and I had really weird cramping all month. This pill creates similar side effects to as if you were pregnant so really try not to think about it because it's going to freak you out. After 2 weeks of not getting my period I got a negative pregnancy test but my period still wasn't there. My best advise is to trust this pill and try not to google anything. Your mind will really get the best of you and convince you your pregnant. I wanted to come and share my update because like many of you these post kept me reassured.

I had unprotected sex May 2nd the day before my ovulation day, took Plan B 24 hours later. My period was expected to come May 19th. The 19th comes and no period; I start to panic but understood the pill can cause disturbances to your cycle. One week goes by still no period, so I decide to take a pregnancy test which turns out to be negative. My period finally came today! Lesson was learned, the stress is not worth it. I had sex on June 25 the day after my ovulation day Flo app and the condom broke and he came in me. So he got me a Plan B which I took a hour later.

I did take a pregnancy test my doctor gave me a few days before my period started and it was negative. Symptoms were nausea a hour after the pill after and then mild cramps which were on and off; closer to my cycle I got sore nipples and cramping. It is now July 10 and I got my period a day late.

So babe and I did the deed on May 22nd the day after my period. Honestly I don't know if he came in me or No girl can freak me i m just to nasty but to give me a peace of mind I went and bought Plan B on May 23rd approximately hours after the deed was done. I was beating myself up because I didn't use any contraceptive and I felt really silly. The day after I took the pill I had a slight headache. Four days later I begin to have spotting.

I spotted starting on May 28th and ended on June 3rd. My due date for my cycle was on June 14th. I have been bloated, nauseous, constipated, headaches, fatigued, very moody. I begin to stress and panic. My anxiety got the best of me and went into depression.

Honestly if I would have never found this website, I would be more of a mess than I am now. Trust the pill. After 23 days, I finally got my period today on July 7th. Though I perfectly expected to start my period late due to the pill and the anxiety on the first and second days, but it started early. So, trust the pill, talk to your supports like friends that you trust with very personal information and pay attention to the smallest s that separate pill side effects from pregnancy.

I also recommend not believing everything you read for the negative reviews. He never finished in me, he just wiped off the sperm and we went again in the same hour. I literally took the pill less than a hour after we did the deed. My side effects for the were stomach cramps, insomnia, nausea, fatigue, and backaches. But it is better than an unplanned pregnancy trust me.

No girl can freak me i m just to nasty

Do NOT look up your symptoms because the first thing that will come up is pregnancy. This is a lesson learned big time. I was on the same boat as you all, I was stressing out for so long and tried searching everything up and all that came back to me was pregnancy. The whole month after I took Plan B I was so moody, cramping almost all month. I swore it was implantation bleeding but thanks to the pill and yesterday on February 8 I got my period so trust the pill ladies. I read all the experiences shared and I want to thank all of you beautiful ladies.

No girl can freak me i m just to nasty

I waited on my period stayed off google like you all said and thanks be to God and the pill I got my period yesterday so the pill really works whether you are ovulating or not. So to anyone going through the same thing just take the pill, pray to God, stay off google and read our experiences To make it worse it burned when I peed, then I thought a UTI but google also told me pregnancy so I was just stuck in a hole I decided to stop looking stuff up but according to my period app I was suppose to start my period the 1st but didn't for 10 days so I was stressing!

I had horrible cramps for those days but no period! I had unprotected sex multiple times on the night of the 13th of August, and was fertile and supposed to ovulate on the 14th.

No girl can freak me i m just to nasty No girl can freak me i m just to nasty

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