Nigerian dwarf goats kentucky

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We've been blessed with a beautiful farm where we raise registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. Thus, we strive to raise high-quality, friendly, healthy animals that will excel not only in milking or the show ring, but also will be a source of the Lord's joy for you and your family.

If you have questions, please and we'll try to help you in any way we can.

Nigerian dwarf goats kentucky

Once again, we were floored!!! In February, several does completed their Test and we were thrilled to have our first doe surpass the mark on DHI. And we give the Lord all the glory!!!! Late last Fall, I had major health issues including a couple of stays at the hospital with the prognosis of a challenging, somewhat lengthy recovery.

After a lot of prayer and many, many tears we made the decision to dramatically reduce our herd. I am beyond blessed to have placed our does into very wonderful homes. Unbeknownst to us, the hay was stored on the ground dirt at the feed store warehouse and was filled with microscopic mold spores. The week before LA, we battled multiple cases of severe bloat and lost one of our most favorite FFs due to Listeriosis.

The necropsy and subsequent tests revealed the bad hay as the source.

Nigerian dwarf goats kentucky

In spite of the fact that none of our milkers filled up to their normal capacity, our Linear Appraisal went great. We had some wonderful overall scores and by the time we had our July Test, we were most blessed Nigerian dwarf goats kentucky all the girls had mostly recovered their production. So grateful for the following:. Four of our Oliver daughters ranked in multipleranging from 2ndth as FFs.

Augustine is enjoying his retirement and is such a JOY. Oliver daughters who earned their Superior Genetics:. We had three does that made the top 10 for ButterFat, including two homebreds, one of which is the. We survived this year's very confusing Linear Appraisal. While we didn't understand the many inconsistencies of how the scoring was figured, I'd like to say that the appraiser was indeed a nice person, very knowledgable, and we were blessed w a lot of the scores we received.

You will find a continuation of my thoughts and explanations on the various doe's or buck's individual s. We were so very humbled when the AGS National Top 10 for came out and we had 2 of our home-breds earning 1 Breed Leader in 3 one, setting a record :.

Nigerian dwarf goats kentucky

Our Oliver's daughters are First Fresheners. We have six that are now on their Milk Test. Their first test weights have ranged from 4 Does, Bucks, Jrs, Sales, etc. Oh, the wonders of technology. And yes, I had to be told by my very savvy something year old friend Thank you, Kate :. First Fresheners. Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. Last Name.

Nigerian dwarf goats kentucky

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Nigerian Dwarf Goats