Narnia cast dating

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Taken together, the Chronicles of Narnia novels by C. Over a million editions of the books in the Narnia series have been sold since it launched in Given this immense popularity, it was only a matter of time before the series was adapted for the big screen, after numerous successful TV, radio, and stage productions had been mounted. The movie received generally positive reviews and was the third highest grossing film of the year, which gave Walden Media the confidence to green-light sequels based on the remaining six books. This is where things started to go a bit pair-shaped for the Narnia franchise, however.

Follow-up outing Prince Caspian — although largely well-received by critics — underperformed at the box office, earning substantially less than its predecessor. Fortunately, The Mark Gordon Company swooped in to save the day, and a new entry, The Silver Chairis set to start filming later this year. You can hire the best actors in the world, yet sometimes, nothing beats the impact of a genuine human response. Tumnus — seems genuine because it is! This could have caused an uproar among more ardent fans. The decision to cast the Oscar-nominee as the voice of Aslan in the Chronicles of Narnia film franchise was a no-brainer, really.

Before Walden Media acquired the licensing rights to The Chronicles of Narniathe franchise was being developed at Paramount Pictures. Finding one talented child actor is tough, but finding four? The search to find performers capable of portraying le Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie was truly exhaustive, with literally thousands of young actors reading for the parts.

Seriously: 3, candidates threw their hat in the ring for the part of Peter alone! Not all of the roles were that hard Narnia cast dating fill, though.

Narnia cast dating

Director Andrew Adamson only had one actress in mind for the White Witch, Tilda Swinton, who ed on — averting yet another global casting call. For many people, acting — let alone acting in a blockbuster franchise enjoyed by audiences worldwide — would be a dream career. For Skandar Keynes, who has played Edmund Pevensie in all of the The Chronicles of Narnia films to date, acting is a profession he seems to have outgrown. As you can imagine, this was actually a major concern for Weta founder Richard Taylor when the Workshop was brought onboard to oversee the fabrication of the ostensibly similar world of Narnia.

According to Taylor, he and his team consciously avoided repeating Narnia cast dating des for Middle-earth when trying to visualize the creatures, weapons, and environments of C. As Taylor himself points outthe two fictional realities are actually very different, which would have made anything more than a passing resemblance between them inappropriate.

Animatronic reindeer were commissioned, which feature in stationary shots of the sleigh. In a clever bit of de, the white hide on the faux reindeer could be switched out for brown, allowing the same props to double for those owned by Father Christmas, as well.

Narnia cast dating

When director Andrew Adamson sat down to start work on Prince Caspianhe discovered that it would be trickier to adapt than The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Verbinski and Weir recommended that Apted not even film on water. Heeding their advice, Apted had the titular ship built on a massive gimbal capable of simulating the motion of waves and rotating degrees to ensure consistent lighting. Of course, a water tank was used for instances where characters find themselves overboard.

This was especially pronounced in Prince Caspian, the better to distinguish the various combatants during the chaos of the climatic melee. Generally speaking, the estate of C. Lewis — which is managed by his stepson, Douglas Gresham — was supportive of the approach taken by the filmmakers in adapting The Chronicles of Narnia.

Narnia cast dating

But then production got underway on the second sequel in the franchise, The Voyage of the Dawn Treaderand this cordial relationship became strained. Well, incoming director Michael Apted proposed some rather ificant changes to the story — like incorporating elements from the fourth book, The Silver Chair — which irked Gresham, although Apted eventually won him over.

Although Adamson was proud of how The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe turned out, he nevertheless believed that there was room to crank up the scale for the sequel. To that end, he ensured that Prince Caspian boasted bigger sets, more elaborate costumes and creatures, and fiercer action scenes than its predecessor. Celebrated director Guillermo del Toro has had terrible luck when it comes to directing films based on beloved fantasy novels.

The Chronicles of Narnia book chronology can certainly be confusing.

Narnia cast dating

The sixth book is actually set before the first, and the fifth book takes place Narnia cast dating the second, third, fourth and seventh! Regardless, after kicking the film franchise off with The Lion, the Witch and Wardrobethe producers opted to continue following the real-world ordering for the sequels. They produced and released the films in the same order as the books were published.

Barnes agonized over whether or not to bail on the play. Working at the National Theatre was his childhood dream — but ultimately the lure of Hollywood was too strong to ignore. One of the most magical moments when reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe comes when Lucy Pevensie first commutes to Narnia via the portal in an otherwise unremarkable closet.

As it turns out, translating that same sense of wonder to the big screen was no walk in the park. This was due to the logistical hurdles involved with capturing the transition from the real world to Narnia in one continuous shot — even with sets for both environments built on either side of the wardrobe! Director Andrew Adamson ultimately had to resort to cutting around the actual crossover itself, something he remains dissatisfied about to this day.

The Dawn Treader itself may not have actually set sail during principal photography of the second Chronicles of Narnia sequel — but the filmmakers still required a gigantic water tank.

Narnia cast dating

After all, when your movie is set at sea, your actors are going to need something to splash around in at some point. It seems this particular tank is pretty much the best there is. Did we miss any other crazy details behind the making of The Chronicles of Narnia movies? Let us know in the comments! Leon Miller is a freelance writer at Screen Rant, contributing regular list articles covering a wide range of pop culture subjects. A lifelong comic book reader, Narnia cast dating is also an avid fan of film and TV, and enjoys providing commentary on all three visual storytelling mediums.

In addition to his work for Screen Rant, Leon is an up and coming writer and artist in his own right, and you can view his portfolio on his website, The Pop Culture Studio. By Leon Miller Published Sep 05, Share Share Tweet 0. Related Topics Lists chronicles of narnia. Leon Miller Articles Published Leon Miller is a freelance writer at Screen Rant, contributing regular list articles covering a wide range of pop culture subjects.

Narnia cast dating

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