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For those that have never had a sports massage before you may have some questions about what it is, why and when you could need it, and what the benefits are. Sports massage has many benefits. For most people it is through poor posture, overuse, or the stresses and strains of every-day life, that muscles can become overworked, causing aches and pains.

Sports massage aims to release tight muscles and relieve these symptoms. One of the scientific principles behind the benefit of massage is that techniques used help to stimulate the circulation of blood in the muscles, helping to remove waste substances and promote tissue repair.

At Backworks we see sports massage as very complementary to chiropractic treatment. The training our sports massage Massage southend essex in Southend-on-Sea have completed allows them to identify problems within the muscles related to pain or general stress. This training utilises appropriate techniques, enabling them to provide you with beneficial advice, such as specific stretches.

Our sports massage therapists aim to work closely with our chiropractors, providing you with the best-coordinated healthcare and wellness regime. A frequently asked question is how many sessions do I need to reap the benefits of sports massage? Ultimately this depends on the reason you are seeing a massage therapist. A one-off session will likely lead to short term relief whereas regular sessions have long term benefits, often when used in conjunction with chiropractic treatments.

For those training for a competition or recovering from an injury, a of sessions may be recommended before or after an event, or a specific rehabilitation plan may be formulated. Sports massage is a targeted massage, involving the manipulation of soft tissue, focusing on a particular area of the body that Massage southend essex in need of treatment.

Sports massage uses techniques to provide a deep and rehabilitating process, manipulating the soft tissue to prevent injury. You may experience some feelings of discomfort as the therapist massages you, but this is completely normal and means that the treatment is working.

There is no reason for you to be in constant pain when receiving a sports massage. The brain knows it is experiencing some discomfort but the body knows that it is benefiting. This is why it is sometimes referred to as good pain. If you are suffering from an ongoing condition such as tight calves, or tense shoulders or if you have recently sustained an injury such as a sprain, then sports massage can help.

Sports massages are also sometimes helpful for people that suffer from migraines and tension headaches. Sports massage can help if you are suffering from pain, or an injury, that is limited to a single part of the body. It does depend on many Massage southend essex. For an athlete, a weekly sports massage will produce great. If you work at a desk all day or participate in heavy manual work then a regular monthly massage can have a positive and long-lasting impact.

We offer the best sports massage treatment available locally in Southend at our clinic along London Road, an easily accessible location to from both the road network and public transport, as well as being a 5-minute walk from the high street. If you are unsure whether sports massage can help you, then call us now on and one of our therapists in Southend-on-Sea would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Amazing every time I visit. Got me through pregnancy aches and pains right up until I had my baby. Practice sent me a lovely card on the birth of my baby.

Now supporting me to get running again. Thank you. Petros is a magician! After my first treatment I felt amazing, the pain is similar but a great improvement in movement. Jon has been great! Very helpful and all staff are lovely. Thank you all ever so much. Jon got me from only walking 10 yards before stopping to walking ok in 2 visits.

Brilliant service. I have had CP since birth, and chiropractor treatment since I was I have always visited doctors, but Jon is a delight and I have little or no pain the entire month before my next appointment. He's a star! My back was causing me so much pain before I went on holiday that I had thought of cancelling. However having had an emergency treatment from Jon, it improved so much I was able to do a lot of walking and enjoyed my holiday to the full.

I will keep up with Jon's exercises. Jon has helped my son hugely and he always enjoys his appointments so much. Approachable, knowledgable and explains everything he is doing. Cannot thank you enough - a very happy mum and 6 year old. Would not go anywhere else.

Very happy.

Massage southend essex

Jon is very thorough and hits the spots - Feel like new again. Have got to hand it to the receptionists. Polite, friendly and just all round lovely. Other receptionists should take a leaf out of their book! After weeks of increasingly intense pain in my legs, Backworks put me on the road to recovery. The chiropractor recognised the cause of my problem before we even spoke.

He arranged a speedy low-cost MRI scan and fast-tracked me towards the orthopaedic experts at Massage southend essex Hospital. Without the clinic, I would not be on the way to seeing an end to the agony I have been suffering. I felt very concerned when Lester said that he and his family would return to Canada. His assurance that he would find a chiropractor who he felt would be "safe hands" was well met.

Jon has fitted the bill - he has become "the icing on the cake". My monthly treatments keep me feeling "seven feet tall" and ready to cope with a busy life. Thank you so much Jon! You're a lovely chap!.

Massage southend essex

The transition between Lester and Jon. Jon is friendly, professional and helpful. He has considerably helped me manage my neck and lower back problems. It's safe to say Jon has kept me moving when the tablets failed! Jon is great at his job and I feel no pain between regular check ups. Keep up the good work. I saw Sophie the last time I was in. I was in agony from a frozen pulled muscle and although the massage hate to say was uncomfortable - she treated me at a level I could manage.

She was wonderful, caring and always checking. The absolute plus was that I was pain free the next day! I cannot recommend her highly enough. Jon is fantastic too but Sophie was my saviour. Thank you for all you have done, are doing and will do, with much appreciation. I visited you re a problem with my pelvis. Subsequently I contacted my consultant and she arranged an isotope bone scan.

I am also using crutches now so I am able to walk upright without undue pressure on my spine. I am very grateful for the advice you gave me and with a letter to the doctor; without which I would be none the wiser regarding the fracture. Very many thanks. Jon is very professional, understanding and gives expert advice and gives thorough examinations. Would always recommend. I have Massage southend essex attending the clinic for about 14 years, and it always gives positive and has improved my daily life.

Massage southend essex

The period I missed from being too busy, months later I had pain in knees, hips and back. Now I am back on song. Excellent choice of Jennifer and Lesters!! Couldn't have transferred to a nicer person, very good at his profession. Love this place. Recommend highly. Always go above and beyond.

They are all awesome. The best ever. Don't know what I would do without him. Helps me so much.

Massage southend essex

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