Love and relationships

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Does your partner ever accuse you of flirting with others when there is no evidence to support it? Or go along with anything you say, only to resent you for it later? Or are you avoiding necessary but difficult conversations with each other? If your marriage feels full of drama, incidents like these may be common. Still, you and your partner can learn to create a drama-free marriage by improving your communication with emotional intelligence skills. Often, small keys have tremendous leverage. Description : Quarantine has been a challenging period for many relationships. People have had to deal with many pressures, worries, and anxieties.

Being together is equally complicated as many partners find it difficult to spend extended time together peacefully. Everyone Love and relationships hoping the pandemic would fizzle out; however, its effects are still impacting our lives.

We offer tips that can help make your relationship strong enough to survive the quarantine and the challenges life throws at you. Partners have found it hard to sustain their relationships during this pandemic and accompanying [ Posted in Love, Marriage, and Relationships.

Love and relationships

In today's busy world, it doesn't take long for two people in a relationship to become distant or fall out of love. If you really think about it, although you live with that person, sleep next to them, eat meals with them, and maybe even talk to them during the day, how much of that connection is really mindful and nurturing? Because of the day-in, day-out details of life we are constantly juggling, many times our relationship can begin to cruise on automatic.

As we all know, relationships take Love and relationships sometimes they feel like a lot of work. But it doesn't have to be that way; it can be [ If you want to develop a healthy and happy relationship, you must each have healthy personal boundaries. However, healthy boundaries in relationships are a prerequisite to happiness.

They define us and what is essential in our lives. Without them, there is too much room for drama. Boundaries help to create a [ However, we may also hold on to resentment or anger toward them until it spills over to spoil our fun or warps our everyday interactions.

Our unwillingness to speak up begins to padlock our hearts and closes off the current of our love. What are those things in your relationship that sap your love? It might be little things that add up [ The year seems to have changed just about everything we know to be true, including weddings. I was invited to three weddings inall of which were canceled or postponed due to the pandemic.

Each couple decided to cancel or postpone their wedding hoping that next year may have more of a sense of normalcy.

Love and relationships

These choices seemed like the only options for couples, but is there another way? Recently, I ran into my dear friend, Merissa. As we Love and relationships up on [ No intimacy in a marriage has many consequences. One of the biggest complaints I hear from couples is that they feel more like roomies than lovers—not what they ed on for. However, there are many varying forms and levels of intimacy; each couple is unique. Every person has a different drive and desire level. So, there are no magic solutions for lack of intimacy, although many behaviors steal connection from a marriage.

Eliminate those, and you'll be on your way to a healthier and happier relationship. Research shows that open communication is the best predictor of relationship satisfaction. But when you're rushing to work, working a full day, picking the kids up from school, then off to soccer practice, who has time for a meaningful conversation? Our schedules can be relentless! An open, honest conversation about your relationship might feel like the last thing you want to do at the end of a long day.

And when you do sit down to talk with your partner, you might find yourself nodding and saying "uh-huh" more than staying present. Although a half-hearted response is understandable, it [ If you asked a hundred persons about their goals in life, at least half of them would mention their desire to be in a healthy relationship. And right at the front of this relationship train exists a loving, trustworthy spouse. So how do you create a healthy relationship?

Love and relationships

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Love and relationships

And have fun doing it! MOMPreneurs Grow a business and a family while you thrive! Blog Read the latest nugget of wisdom from our blog "Thoughts to Thrive on. Get in touch! HOME drama-free marriage Create close, loving relationships that thrive and fulfill you both. .

Love and relationships

May 10 Do You Want a Happy Relationship? Develop Healthy Boundaries January 30 Each year around the holiday season, social media posts are filled with pictures of rings, proposal videos, and changed relationship status. This time period is often called the proposal season. As the time frame coincides with traditional holidays that are family gatherings, it seems a natural time for couples' proposals because they want to share their love commitment with those they love.

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Love and relationships

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Love & Relationships