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By Los Angeles Times Staff. Updated June 14, Thousands of lives have been lost in the coronavirus outbreak, in cities and small towns, in hospital wards and nursing homes. The virus has moved across California, killing the old and the young, the infirm and the healthy.

Huntington beach nm desperate women

Some patterns have emerged. Large metropolitan centers such as Los Angeles and San Francisco appear to be the hardest hit. More than 62 thousand people have died in California. Baltazar Aguirre Jr. The article was about two UFW organizers who were hospitalized after being attacked by suspected anti-union assailants at an organizing drive in Watsonville. Aguirre's father was one of the two victims.

A wave of anger overcame the teenager, followed by a wave of immense pride. Baltazar Aguirre Sr. He was Aguirre hardly knew a life away from the fields or the church. They were natural venues for a life committed to service and justice, rooted in a profound faith in God. A UFW organizer who marched alongside Cesar Chavez and drove workers in vans for hours to boycotts and demonstrations around the state, Aguirre helped his own father farm maize and beans with the help of an ox-drawn plow when he was.

Aguirre was born June 7,into an agricultural family in the remote ranch town of El Durazno in the Mexican state of Guanajuato. Aguirre was the second-youngest of eight siblings and the sole survivor of a set of triplets named after the three wise men of the BIble. Aguirre came to the United States in with the help of an older brother who was working in the country. An active union member, he soon ascended to a leadership role.

Aguirre took part in hundreds of union events over the years, Gustavo said. The union hired him as a full-time organizer for a campaign to unionize strawberry farmworkers in the Watsonville area. InAguirre moved with his wife, son and two daughters to Coachella, where he took up another unionized farm job. He lived in Coachella the rest of his life.

Aguirre was described as an honest, down-to-earth and kind man who had no trouble connecting with his fellow farmworkers or church parishioners. If chairs needed to be put away, there was Baltazar putting Huntington beach nm desperate women away. All three of his children — Baltazar Jr. Ghazarian, who had a history of asthma as and beat testicular cancer intested positive for the coronavirus on March He was admitted to a Pasadena hospital the next day and spent about a week on a ventilator, according to news reports. On social media, an LAFC fan took a moment to memorialize their devoted member.

Members of the boisterous fan group LAFC who knew Ghazarian said he had been looking forward to seeing more games. He had season tickets and played an amateur game at Banc of California Stadium in He was also a Dodgers fan.

Huntington beach nm desperate women

The world is a little sadder with him gone. Ilene Westmoreland remembers when her father took a year off from work when she was in third grade and devoted his time to helping her in school. She remembers the trips to the library, where he would take out books to read to her. Later, he taught her how to drive a car. A Lemon Grove resident, Westmoreland was Ilene said her father was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian. She remembered him as a Huntington beach nm desperate women, patient and humble man, a dedicated husband to his wife of 41 years, Ivy Sue, and father — and good with s.

He was very wise. While there, he was exposed to Agent Orange, which damaged his lungs. After an honorable discharge as an E-5 sergeant, Westmoreland came back home, attended Mesa College and the University of San Diego, married, started a family and was a warehouse manager at the original FedMart, a chain of discount stores started by Sol Price of Price Club fame. After a divorce and the tragic loss of his year-old son, Westmoreland met Ivy at work at FedMart subsidiary International Distributing Co.

Helen Ofield, past president of the Lemon Grove Historical Society, and longtime family friend, said "the Stanley Westmorelands of the world are rare and precious. When people feel they can trust somebody, that there is innate generosity of spirit, there is immediate rapprochement. Ivy Westmoreland said her husband embraced diversity and enjoyed attending cultural events, especially plays at the San Diego Repertory Theatre, where they were regulars at the Lyceum.

If there was anything that Francia Hernandez knew how to do for her daughters, it was throw elaborate birthday parties. Her daughter Laura Ehlers remembers her 8th birthday, which included scavenger hunts, magic keys and ruby slippers. She was Hernandez worked as an interior deer and also deed furniture. During those times, Hernandez taught Ehlers how to lay tile and carpet, apply wallpaper and strip a kitchen and rebuild it from scratch.

The mother-daughter pair loved cooking, wrapping Christmas presents and doing housework together.

Huntington beach nm desperate women

In addition to Ehlers, she is survived by her son-in-law, Michael Ehlers, and three grandchildren. She was estranged from another daughter, Sarah, and Sarah's son.

Huntington beach nm desperate women

Its biggest stars, to Leah Bernstein, felt like family. Bernstein was still a Fairfax High student, just 16, when she landed an after-school typing job at MGM Studios that propelled her into a life spent on movie sets. She was the sixth resident of the Motion Picture and Television Fund skilled-nursing home to die from the virus.

Her family has since praised the heroism of those who helped care for her while the virus spread through the Woodland Hills facility. A Los Angeles native, Bernstein grew up dreaming of a life in the movie business. After working every night until midnight at MGM, she resolved to put herself through Woodbury Business College to become an executive secretary.

Her trademark wit caught on quickly among Hollywood executives. Beitcher said Bernstein often noted her pride in the social impact that the movies she created with Kramer made. In her later years, Bernstein spent most of her time volunteering or with her family.

She is survived by her nephew, Rodger, as well as three grand-nieces and -nephews and nine great-grand-nieces and -nephews.

Huntington beach nm desperate women

He always kept his favorite things front and center. Unable to visit due to the pandemic, Salmon's family said their goodbyes through the window. Salmon was the second of four kids and oldest boy born to Nancy and Richard Salmon in Visalia. They were a musical family, Salmon's brother Jim said, and often gathered around the piano, which their mother played, and sang songs.

Jim jokingly called them the Salmon Tabernacle Choir. Later, Salmon brought his baritone voice to a barbershop quartet. Always adept at working with his hands, Salmon built intricate models of trains, remote-controlled cars and ships. When Curtiss and his brother were young, Salmon eagerly shared his passion with the. A lifelong bachelor, Salmon was a doting uncle to five nephews, one niece, five great nephews and one great niece.

Although the family is scattered across the country from California to New York, they remain tight knit. When Curtiss visited California, his mother arranged for her brother to leave the nursing home. Salmon sat in his wheelchair and talked about the things he recently read. Curtiss talked to him about trains and model railro. That was my uncle.

Huntington beach nm desperate women

Bill Kling could often be found tinkering with computer parts in his home office. He liked to take laptops and old desktop monitors apart, fiddle with them and make improvements. In his hometown of Camarillo, Kling was known as the go-to person when someone had a computer malfunction.

Huntington beach nm desperate women

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