How to make anniversary special for boyfriend

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Purchase tickets and write out what each date will be and put it in an envelope. Gift all the envelopes together so your partner can look forward to a whole year of fun, pre-planned outings with you. Build a fire on a beach and spend all evening holding each other and telling each other your favorite memories of being a couple.

Go someplace in your city that has a romantic view. Bring supplies for a picnic and leisurely go through this list of questions and get to know each other even better. Spend a few weeks jotting down a note in your phone every time you think of something about them you love and are grateful for. Write out and decorate the notes and put them in a jar your partner can pull out whenever they need to be reminded of how much you love them.

At the end of the date, give them a card with lottery tickets inside so you can keep fantasizing and talking about it all week. Surprise each other with a Spotify playlist you make especially for each other.

How to make anniversary special for boyfriend

The rule is that every song has to describe the way you feel about the other person. Go back to the place you originally met and take a photo there. Make this a regular tradition for every anniversary and watch what changes every year; not only how you guys age but how the environment where you met changes. Use riddles that your partner has to solve and end somewhere you can have a romantic dinner together.

Find a modest cabin a few hours away on Airbnb and get away for a weekend. Spend the whole time in front a fire, totally relaxing and just being together with no phones or outside noise. If your partner is obsessed with a musician, save up and surprise them with good tickets for when they are in town, or plan a trip to see them in another city. The tickets will be a lot cheaper than professional sports.

How to make anniversary special for boyfriend

For example, these iconic Clueless candlesa framed map of Westeros from Game of Thrones How to make anniversary special for boyfriend, or an iconic Friends quote on needlepoint:. Find a place where you two can go ice skating and rent it out. Set up romantic candles and make a playlist of music you two can skate to together. Find a farm or garden nearby that allows you to pick your own produce. Spend a day gathering up all the ingredients to try baking a complicated dessert or meal together. Set up and outdoor movie screening in your backyard.

Get all the ingredients you need to make a bunch of mini pizzas and have a contest to see who can create the craziest-sounding but best-tasting pizza. Make fun bet about the prize the winner receives. Plan a surprise weekend getaway they know nothing about. Spend all night making a bucket list of things you want to do together before you die.

Make concrete plans to be able to cross a few things off within the next year. Make a batch of wine or beer together. Make enough so that you can plan to drink a bottle each month for the rest of the year on a special date night. If you have kids, surprise them by getting a sitter or having a family member care for your kids all day so you can spend a lazy day stay-cationing at home. Find free materials online or order a book about how to do massage.

Get some yummy smelling oils and treat them to the fruits of your labor. Spend your anniversary at a local charity or do some volunteer work. You found love and what better way to spend delivering love than helping others feel some compassion and kindness too? If your partner is artistically inclined, buy them a sketch pad and some nice art materials. Fill their room with balloons and on each balloon sharpie something that you love about them. Whenever you come across something your partner would love, add it to your Amazon wishlist.

Try ziplining, skydiving, or bungee jumping. Rent a boat for an evening and go on a romantic sunset cruise. Research and cue up a long list of recommended movies in each genre the two of you enjoy. Kick off the first of many with the best one you find that neither of you have seen. Buy some special snacks or your favorite take-out to make it feel special.

Bring them back to the place where you had your first date and give them a card that details all the ways your life is better since that day. Put on some romantic music and play strip monopoly. Bonus points if you keep the role play up after you get home. Buy a pair of floating lanterns and write your wishes on them for the next year of your lives together. Light them up and watch them fly. Get fancy cocktail supplies — nice glasses, nice liquor, fancy ice cubes — so that you two can make a cocktail after a long day and feel like your the stars of Mad Men.

Cook them their favorite food a bunch of different ways. If they love burgers, create a platter of a bunch of different sliders. If they love bacon, make a whole meal of foods cooked with bacon. Plan a movie marathon of your favorite series like all the Harry Potter movies or your favorite Game of Thrones seasons, or just your favorite movies in a genre and spend all weekend being cozy at home vegging out and cuddling. No outside plans allowed. Badger a local DJ until you convince them to let you dedicate a song to your partner on the radio.

Record it or send the link to the stream to your love as a surprise. Plan a date at home mixing up fancy cocktails and playing a game of sexy truth or dare. Hit up Groupon and see what adventures you can find in your own city. Each month, add a song to a playlist in Spotify that reminds you of a moment you shared together or just speaks to the way you feel about them. This is something you can build on year after year. Plan a mini-road trip to a few cool places that are within a few hours from your city. Vow to leave your phones off for at least most of the time and take a chill, reasonably priced respite from the chaos of your daily lives.

Return refreshed!!! Rent kayaks and explore a local lake or river together. Bring How to make anniversary special for boyfriend picnic lunch so you can have an all day adventure. Spend a day at an adult arcade trying to beat each other at the games.

Make it into a tournament where the loser has to give a full body massage to the winner. Have a silly two person party where you make Jell-O shots, play beer pong, drunk Twister, and strip-whatever-board-game-you-have-laying-around. Play your favorite pop songs and dance around and let loose together. You could update or paint furniture you find at a flea market, paint a crazy accent wall, or do an Ikea hack together. Plan a night in and spend all evening working through this list of sexy games.

Buy an instant camera on Amazon and spend all day playing tourist in your city, capturing the memories with your camera. Find a hotel room that has an extra large bathtub or jacuzzi in it and take a long, relaxing bath together. Alternatively, look up an Airbnb with a hot tub. Go to a theme park and spend all day letting loose and acting silly going on rollercoasters, eating cotton candy, and having your pictures taken at one of those old timey photo places. Find an all day hike.

How to make anniversary special for boyfriend

Get out of your normal situation and spend the anniversary amongst nature and visual stimuli. Pull the trigger and book a long weekend in a city neither of you have been to, but both of you have wanted to explore. Plan a fancy picnic for the most beautiful place in your town. Pack your favorite to go foods, some books or magazines, and a comfy blanket.

How to make anniversary special for boyfriend

Bring a frisbee to toss or just relax in some pretty scenery for awhile. Plan something that is a complete surprise to your partner. Plant a garden together at your home or a community garden. Google it and you might be surprised to find one on the outskirts of your city. Its a big loop with vineyards on either side and restaurants at the top. The beaches are not public so be prepared to run if you stop to soak up the sun.

Go to a fancy restaurant together and treat each other like royalty. Order whatever you want from the menu knowing you will savor it and always treasure the memory of a night you two indulged together. Start a new tradition. Plan a date that can be repeated or added on to every year on your anniversary.

It could be something simple like eating breakfast in bd or making a fancy new recipe together, or something more indulgent like staying at a specific hotel or going out for a steak dinner. Surprise them by watching YouTube videos that teach you how to cook. Plan an elaborate multi-course meal of food they will love complete with romantic candles and table settings. Upgrade your bed. If you live together, splurge on some expensive sheets and new bedding. Write down all the things you find sexy about them and put it in a card they can keep for when they need to feel more confident.

Make a lunch hour date of going downtown and trying different food trucks. If you share all your dishes you can sample twice as much!

How to make anniversary special for boyfriend

Tell each other dirty jokes and make a rule that the first person to break into laughter has to take off an article of clothing. Go back to where you both ed your marriage and taking a pic. Let them wake up to a sticky note heart on the mirror, with all the reasons you love them. Go for a long, scenic drive. It will take you along the Hudson all the way from Manhattan to Beacon. Rent a suite with an incredible view in your favorite city or new city whether a water view or city view so you guys can take in the sights, sip champagne and feed each other breakfast while spending the entire day in bed.

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How to make anniversary special for boyfriend

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