How to get wife fucked

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. This is a true report of the first time I got my wife fucked, and may be of use to other guys who have this goal too. If you don't share this goal or think I am nuts, please just find a story that interests you more. But I know that there are other husbands out there like me who love our wives so much that we want to see them so sexually charged that they cannot resist pure raw sex, as distinguished from the kind of sex you share through love.

Only she and I can ever make love, but I hope she has lots of sex. And I realize that the writing may seem disorganized at time, but this is a report of true events. How to get wife fucked such, it wonders a bit just as the human mind wonders from point to point too. We are a earlys couple, and for at least 30 of the 35 years we have been married I have wanted to see her with another man. Well, this weekend is it, when just depends on when her new lover can get off work. And, she does not even know it is finalized yet. I guess that deserves some explanation When I first shared my fantasy, she was almost insulted, but she eventually learned that I indeed loved her, and it was because I loved her that I wanted to see her so sexually charged that she could not say no to sex with someone else.

I wanted to watch her sweating, and cuming over and over. After five years or so, she began to "share" in the fantasy, and became more and more receptive to the idea, but only as a fantasy. She made it clear she could never "really do it. While he was test driving the truck, I "got stuck" in the bathroom when he returned the keys so she would have to meet him. They chatted for a few minutes before I made it out. When she went back inside, the guy and I discussed the real issue, and he was interested.

My wife and I "fantasy" screwed him quite a few times, and it seemed to make her really hot. I pushed hard through the summer to turn the fantasy into reality I thought it would make a good anniversary present. But instead I finally got one of those "no way in hell" speeches. She said that she could perfectly separate fantasy from reality and that she could not go through with it, ever! She even said that she had never actually thought about doing How to get wife fucked with a person, but had always thought of it more as an object.

I did not believe that I could have been so wrong, but she had her story and was "sticking to it" as the country song goes. She said she could continue the fantasy, but I found it difficult. We tried to find alternative fantasies, but they did not work for me. Then after about a month we talked and I told her I had little choice but to continue the fantasy, but asked that if she ever had the chance and thought about doing it, she would consider it. It was then that she found out that I really had set her up and that part was no fantasyBlondie really had checked her out and wanted her, and this changed everything.

She could not believe that a young 35ish cute guy wanted her. So, I had him her why he wanted her, and she began to truly envision him making it with her. Now it was definitely no longer "an object," but Blondie was in her imagination.

After a couple of weeks with this now realistic fantasy, she finally said she was ready to "try to" let him have her, but I would have to be there to hold her and reassure her. I said that I thought it would be best to leave the two of them alone the first time, but she did not agreeuntil last weekend about three weeks after she initially agreed. I need to back-track for a moment. When we were screwing, I would often ask, "Do you want Blondie to do it? Needless to say, I did not last long after that. Of course I immediately wrote Blondie anand tried to set it up for that afternoon.

But no response. Even after his enticing earlier no response. I tried several more times, even once when he was on the dating siteno response. And every morning she would ask if I had heard from him. She was almost like a school girl who got dumped by the big man on campus. The fact that she asked about him was astounding, and the disappointment was even more shocking. She really did want Blondie to fuck her. We got frustrated and became convinced he had backed out. I then asked if she was ready to "move on" beyond Blondie, or did she want to give up. To my utter amazement, she said, "I thought that was part of the plan.

How to get wife fucked

To find someone who is not married that we can share on a more regular basis. I never would have believed this in a million years. But once she admitted she really wanted another man, she became determined to try it. Damn, I was ecstatic.

My shy wife really wanted fucked. We still had hopes of Blondie replying, but began to investigate other guys. We found someone we thought may be suitable; he was at least worth a dinner to see if there was any chemistry, but it would either have to be the coming weekend or next year, with the kids coming back for the Christmas holidays and such. She wanted to waitto lose a few mid-life pounds to get into better shape. Wow, even more evidence she really did want it. She just needed the right incentive for a diet.

We now refer to it as, "The fucking diet! And she finally agreed with me that if we ever tried it, the first time she should be alone with the guy.

How to get wife fucked

That way she would not feel pressured to do it for me, and she could back out easier. And from my vantage point, if she did it without me being there, then she was not doing it just for me, but for herself as well.

How to get wife fucked

It was extremely important that she would be fucked for the right reasons, and this would prove at least to me that she was fucking someone else for her own needs as well as mine. Well, out of the blue, Wednesday after she had decided Blondie could fuck her on SaturdayBlondie writes back. He had been out of town to a funeral and even though he checked in briefly on the dating site, he did not have time to respond. Being a little frustrated and still unsure if he was really going to go through with it, I did not tell her of the latest developments.

But, we he and I arranged where he is trying to get off of work early today Friday to be waiting on her when she gets home. If that does not work, we will shoot for tomorrow. But very soon, my wife will have her first sex with another man. Yes, she was a virgin when we married at age 17, and this will be her first experience with another man. Oh my am I dying to see him show up. By agreement, and mostly at my insistence, I was gone when he How to get wife fucked over for the first time a Saturday morning.

If he had made it that Friday, I would have stayed in the office while they had their fun, but since he had not been able to surprise her I wanted to be gone. I wanted her to want fucked for her pleasure. And as you can tell shortly, she got it!!! Believe it or not, he was the nervous one. When she made up her mind to go through with it, she became quite determined to do it. He kept questioning whether or not she really wanted to do it, and even had the twitching leg bounce. She was the one who made sure that it happened.

How hot!!! After some discussion, and some brief making out in the living room, she led him back to the bedroom and he placed her on the end of the bed, and removed her pants, discovering her shaved pussy. He seemed pleased and commented, "My, oh my. Again as relayed by her, he fucked her for about twenty minutes with him standing at the end of the bed, pounding her quite fast and furious. He then removed her sweater and moved her to the side of the bed where he fucked her doggy style, and was so energetic that she had elbow burns for a week. After quite a bit of this, he returned her to the foot of the bed and fucked her in that position for about ten more minutes and he asked if he could remove the rubber and come on her, and she readily agreed.

When he shot his load it went all of the way to her hair. She had never liked the taste of cum, but if we had not ly agreed to play it safe I think she would have swallowed it all. But, after he "messed her up" he got a wash cloth and cleaned her up. She seemed pleased he was such a gentleman. They then parted company that day since he was supposedly on a trip to the hardware store and had already been gone quite some time, and his wife would become suspicious.

When I returned home, I was so excited for her that we screwed three more times that afternoon. We wanted him How to get wife fucked return again, but he and I became like two bulls after the same heifer. He would take too much time from my point of view to reply to s, and seemed to take us for granted.

How to get wife fucked

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