Great dane puppies free to good home

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Great dane puppies free to good home

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Great dane puppies free to good home

New Posts. Search Forums. Log in. Install the app. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Great Dane for sale and adoption. Filters Show only: Loading…. Sticky Featured Great Dane Puppies. AKC Great Danes for sale.

They will be microchipped and will have all Replies 0 Views May 31, SerenityHills.

Great dane puppies free to good home

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My babies have had their 4th litter! Born January 23rd. Apr 3, Tarellanes. Great Dane Puppies. Looking for forever homes, ready for Apr 1, Rperez. Great Dane Pups. Mar 25, Mr. You must log in or register to post here. If you'd like to own a Great Dane, you better have a big house.

These are huge dogs that require a lot of room to live and play. Luckily, they lie on the couch for most of the day, but when they don't, they're outside playing in the back yard or at the park. Great Danes are big sweeties and are commonly known as the "gentle giant" of dog breeds. Back in Germany where they were first bred, this breed used to hunt large animals. A substantial amount of power and strngth comes with their size and they used that power to take down their prey. These are highly athletic dogs that are calm, kind, and friendly.

They're great with young kids and all types of families. Before you buy or adopt though, please be sure you have the resources to care for this dog. They cost a fair amount to feed every month. They also Great dane puppies free to good home to be at their master's side, so be sure you have the time and patience for this type of animal.

Popularity : Very popular. Trainability : The Great Dane is generally eager to please and therefore relatively easy to train.

Great dane puppies free to good home

And training is a must for a dog that is of this huge stature. It's important to socialize around humans and animals this breed early on in puppyhood as well as begin obedience training. No one wants an unruly Great Dane living with them. When young, begin bringing this dog various places so he can become familiar with different atmospheres and people. Even other pets. This will make for a much more well-behaved adult dog. When obedience and house training, use firm and consistent guidance. Stay friendly with this dog and he'll love you forever.

His ancestors are thought to have been the Irish Wolfhound as well as the Mastiff, and possibly the Greyhound. The reason for this dog's breeding was as a hunter as well as a guardian dog. Named the national dog of Germany in the s, the Great Dane is rising in popularity in the United States.

Energy Level : The Great Dane is a moderate energy dog. It doesn't require extensive exercise, but it does appreciate a nice daily walk as well as some play time in the back yard or park. Don't over-exercise this breed when young. The bones are still growing and can be damaged if it engages in activity that's too strenuous. Temperament : The Great Dane is generally a friendly dog that gets along with humans and household pets, but may become suspicious about people it doesn't know.

Beware that these dogs have been bred as hunters, so you may want to keep an eye on it when around small cats and other pets of that size, such as ferrets, rabbits that the like. Socialization will ensure your Great Dane is well-behaved around strangers and other dogs at the park, but be careful around other dogs of the same sex. This dog may have the tendency to become dominant. Necessary Space : Due to this dog's size, it's not best to keep it in an apartment.

Although the temperament and moderate energy level says it would be fine for an apartment, the sheer size of the animal says otherwise.

Great dane puppies free to good home

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