Does percocet have opiates in it

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Understanding how opioids like Percocet work and how to use the drug responsibly can help you or a loved one safely manage your prescription pain medications. Percocet, like other narcotics, is in a class of drugs called opioids. Synthetic opioids like Percocet, on the other hand, are chemically derived substances that reproduce morphine-like effects. Both opioids and opiates work on opioid receptors in the brain and are highly habit-forming.

Using Percocet in ways other than prescribed by a physician can quickly lead to addiction. When Taite, who already struggled with alcohol and opiate abuse, was given a Percocet prescription after childbirth, she learned firsthand the addictive nature of the drug. She shared her story on the recovery community website Heroes in Recovery:. I was able to abuse Vicodin and still function for several years.

Does percocet have opiates in it

I kept this legal by doctor shopping and getting the pills from a friend. During this time, I also became pregnant and had my son. I was able to stay clean, by the grace of God, during my pregnancy, but my son was born via C-section. I went home with a baby and a bottle of Percocet.

Does percocet have opiates in it

This set off my cravings for drugs again. It was shortly after this that I took my addiction to the next level. This was an act of desperation, plain and simple. Percocet is one of many prescription opioids used to treat moderate to severe pain. Opioids are typically a first-option drug for pain after surgery or injury or to help manage chronic pain.

Using Percocet as prescribed — beginning with the lowest dosage recommended and taking it for the shortest period of time possible — can reduce the risk of addiction while helping you stay ahead of pain that might otherwise get out of control.

Does percocet have opiates in it

Talk to your doctor about when to introduce over-the-counter pain relievers in place of Percocet as your pain eases and when you can expect to stop needing them altogether. The current opioid crisis in the United States is partly fueled by this type of easy access to narcotic pain relievers. Opioids can be an important and necessary part of pain management for many people, but being responsible with your medication is crucial to preventing the tragedy of addiction. The following suggestions can help keep your loved ones safe:.

Call our toll-free helpline 24 hours a day to speak with an admissions coordinator about the best treatment options for your situation. You are not alone. Call us now. Get help now. Call Us Text Us. We know this is hard, you are not alone. Chat Does percocet have opiates in it a specialist Or call us, it's free and private Is Percocet an Opiate?

The following s may indicate a developing dependence on Percocet: Needing more of the drug before the next dose is due Becoming preoccupied with getting and using Percocet and needing a supply of the drug on hand at all times Doctor shopping for new prescriptions for Percocet Needing more Percocet to achieve the same level of experience Stealing money from family members or friends to pay for more of the drug Engaging in risky activities, like driving, while under the influence of Percocet Changes in mood, personality and personal hygiene The appearance of withdrawal symptoms when you stop using the drug 4.

All opioids should be stored in their original containers in a locked cabinet well out of reach of small children. Keys to the cabinet should be kept on your person at all times. Take note of how much medication you have and how much is left in the bottle each time you use it. Dispose of any unused narcotic pain relievers at your community take-back day.

You can also call your pharmacist for instructions on safely discarding unused opioids.

Does percocet have opiates in it

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Is Percocet an Opiate or an Opioid?