Dating after divorce mormon

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By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog. The other night, over dinner with friends, we got to talking about dating in the LDS Dating after divorce mormon. The demographics at the table: two married not to each otherand three never-married or divorced. I do think there is a certain special level of hell to dating as an LDS single that one largely escapes when dating in the secular world. For LDS people, getting married is generally the benchmark in achieving the social status of adulthood; far more than in the secular world.

For those of us who find ourselves unmarried— even if you were ly married— no matter how impressive yourcareer achievement or college degrees, in very manifest ways, we are still treated as adolescents. This applies to men and to women, incidentally. But by slightly, I imagine somewhere inside of 5 years to be average. What I found in the LDS dating as an over 30 divorced woman was that the men in my demographic, almost without fail, were fishing in the year old pond. The men fishing in my pond? Well, with over 25 men contacting me from one LDS dating site, only one was within 5 years of my age.

And three of the 25 were older than my father. I was very clear and honest about my age, my divorce, and that status of young children in my home. On the converse side, a male dinner companion from the other night was telling about his dating site experience.

He put up a nice photo of himself, with a sincere and honest profile. He got nothing. He sat back, agog. Back to the one guy who was in my demographic, age-wise: I agreed to go out on a date. We met for dinner at a local restaurant, and had sat down and were making small talk, but before the sal arrived, he jumped right into telling me how he was searching for his Eternal Companion, and wanted to begin his Eternal Family right away.

Whoa, cowboy! I was clear in my profile that I already have three children.

Dating after divorce mormon

This baffles me. Lets sit down like adults and have a conversation, over a nice meal, and share our world-views and opinions, and maybe a funny story. Can we do that without distractions, gimmicks and discussing my reproductive parts on the first date? Can you ask for a second date without a little cute card tied to my windshield wiper or a balloon tied to my doorknob? I would find that darling for my daughter, at sixteen, being asked to the prom. For me? It seems as though the extra pressure on LDS folks to marry, and thus achieve adulthood, has distorted us in some very important ways.

Dating after divorce mormon

My observation is that we are looking for cultural markers within the world of mormonism, sometimes often? This is evidenced in not only the messed up dynamic of dating I mention through my admittedly particular examples, but also in the formulaic expression of pairing off we see in LDS engagement photoswedding announcements and in how weddings events are created modest is hottest! If you want the template, look at the LDS wedding boards on Pinterest Outward markers become so incredibly prevalent that I fear we are losing the very essence of our individuality in the quest to meet cultural expectation and out-mormon the next guy.

I struggle with this at times. Though, I wonder how much of it is our own buy-in to the LDS cultural definitions of adulthood.

Dating after divorce mormon

This is really the source of a rather large amount of our Dating after divorce mormon including what you are describing. In our fallen state status is written into our genetics and so we our constantly comparing ourselves to others to see where in the heirarchy we fit and how to climb higher. The only answer is to become new creatures through the atonement of Christ in the which we all can become one rather than creatures who are clamboring over each other to become the king of the hill.

I, like your friend, saw very little attention as the nice, genuine, honest man searching for a wife. I hated dating in the church; it was the same as outside the church. Many, if not most, women were only attracted to the bad guys. Like my companion in the mission, who wore only boxer shorts to play volleyball, and had the sisters drooling over him. Drives me nuts. I did have better success dating before I was a Mormon, but how much of that is because of personality, and how much is attributable to being Mormon? I certainly saw more adult behavior good and bad, but the maturity was for the good outside the church.

Had I not lived in Utah, I would probably think your stories are made up. My comment is simple: open your mind to dating outside the LDS world. Let the LDS experience enrich your life, but where it begins to hinder it, reach outside. There are wonderful people to meet and wonderful experiences to have beyond the LDS dictated life frame we are supposed to stick to. Tracy you are so right! Righteous Mormon Man, I was eager to date as I married at barely nineteen. X had told me so many times that I was fat, ignorant, and had nine kids so nobody would want me and I was out to prove him wrong.

I was 48, decent Dating after divorce mormon, dressed nice, am intelligent, humorous when I want to be, etc. At first, I dated a single LDS man in my ward who was a little socially awkward — a nerd, nice when you got to know him kind of guy, but still weird.

He was the only single guy who asked me out. Most of the attendees were much younger and seemed to be in cliques. I did attend several Dating after divorce mormon single dances. It was comical…. My take away from the LDS singles activities was the guys were looking for younger women and they wanted a playmate, not to be raising children. Fair enough…The LDS dating sites were similar. Most of them wanted a younger woman as well.

I really did find it great fun as I never met any of them and it was a way for me to harmlessly build my confidence, and honestly, it fed my ego to think someone might like me. After six months I went to a non LDS dating site and actually had more fun. I then dropped the dating sites because I spent too much time on them. It was self-imposed pressure from church teachings. I enjoyed being single tho, paying my bills, working and going to school, being with my.

It was such a relief after 29 years with X. Older than I, never married, never had kids, intelligent, professional, an anomaly, but so respectful of me. We talked about kids, garments, money, etc. Then I asked him to take a compatibility test thru BYU. Turned out we were extremely compatible, which I already suspected. We married almost ten years ago. I count myself very blessed to have an intelligent, respectful man at my side, who is proud of my intelligence and accomplishments.

To all appearances, he could be a model Mormon. We met at the local library, I checked him out and never took him back — true story!!!!! Tracy, for context, can you tell us which region of the US you live in? Sherry, I appreciate your story and am happy you had a good happy ending- but I do think we need to be careful about making blanket statements about LDS men.

I know many fantastic, wonderful and brilliant LDS men. No, this is probably how it works world wide and in my experience as a man, it is linked to the children issue. The catch, the twenty-something year old ladies tend to give in when enough green is on the table. We also talked about sex and decided we would wait til we were married, which melted my heart that he respected my beliefs. As to children, we laughed at the thought of me having more! No way! Such a contrast to my X who wanted me to keep having children, which was a huge part of our divorce — marital rape, abuse, etc.

I still find it refreshing to be married to a mature kind man who loves me for who I am and cheers me on everyday. My heart has been opened to many new thoughts and understandings. I could never go back to such a narrow existence! Adult dating without alcohol and sex—how is it done?

Dating after divorce mormon Dating after divorce mormon

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