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The company also operates Flickr, the photo sharing website, and Tumblr, a social media and microblogging platform. Generating a relationship history. Patent : Abstract: Systems and methods for generation of a relationship history or text for a new message. In one embodiment, a method includes: scanning, by a computing device, a set of messages to or Dating a stoner yahoo a user to generate a plurality of profiles for persons associated with the messages, each person being a sender or a recipient of at least one of the set of messages, and the persons including a first person; generating, via the computer, a relationship history using the plurality of profiles, wherein the relationship history is for a relationship between the user and the first person; and presenting the relationship history to the user.

Type: Grant. Filed: November 9, Date of Patent: December 5, Inventors: Peter Monaco, Angel Steger. Publication : Abstract: A storage device according to the present application includes a receiving unit and a control unit. The receiving unit receives a write request for writing a file with a specified directory name. The control unit writes the file in association with a directory of the specified directory name into a memory device, within a Dating a stoner yahoo up to an upper limit set for the of files to be written in the memory device in association with each directory, in response to the write request received by the receiving unit.

Type: Application. Filed: March 2, Publication date: November 30, Abstract: Systems and methods of natural language processing in an environment with no existing corpus are disclosed. The method includes defining an input grammar specific to a chosen domain, the input grammar having a domain specific knowledge and general grammatical knowledge. Groups of tokens are identified within the input grammar having syntactic and semantic equivalence.

The identified groups are assembled into hypernyms, wherein the hypernyms include a semantic output for each token in the hypernyms. A list of fields is then combined with the hypernyms for combination with the hypernyms. A corpus of possible combinations of hypernyms and fields is created. A data structure mapping each possible combination to a partial semantic output is generated and the data structure is saved for use in later processing.

Filed: May 31, Applicant: Yahoo Holdings, Inc. Inventors: Jonathan R. Scally, Richard Caneba, Nick Cassimatis. Abstract: A generating apparatus according to an embodiment of the present application includes an obtaining unit and a generating unit. The obtaining unit obtains intermediate images in an intermediate layer of a neural network that recognizes the quantity of objects contained in an image. The generating unit generates a combination image by combining together the intermediate images obtained by the obtaining unit.

For example, the generating unit generates the combination image by combining together the intermediate images to which a weight has been applied on the basis of a change in the recognition of the quantity of objects corresponding to a process applied to each of the intermediate images. Filed: March 10, System and method for generating a playlist from a mood gradient.

Abstract: Systems and methods for generating and playing a sequence of media objects based on a mood gradient are also disclosed. A mood gradient is a sequence of items, in which each item is media object having known characteristics or a representative set of characteristics of a media object, that is created or used by a user for a specific purpose. Given a mood gradient, one or more new media objects are selected for each item in the mood gradient based on the characteristics associated with that item.

In this way, a sequence of new media objects is created but the sequence exhibits a similar variation in media object characteristics. The mood gradient may be presented to a user or created via a display illustrating a three-dimensional space in which each dimension corresponds to a different characteristic. The mood gradient may be represented as a path through the three-dimensional space and icons representing media objects are located within the three-dimensional space based on their characteristics.

Dating a stoner yahoo

Filed: November 6, Date of Patent: November 28, Asee: Yahoo! Inventors: William White, Malcolm Slaney. Abstract: According to one aspect of an embodiment an information distribution apparatus includes an acquisition unit that, acquires a predetermined score stored in a storage device for a user corresponding to the client information terminal device; a selection unit that selects a data item to be incorporated as a.

Filed: February 24, Publication date: November 23, Abstract: A registering apparatus disclosed herein includes a receiving unit and a registering unit. The receiving unit receives a registration request that is transmitted from a first terminal apparatus of which reliability has been verified on the basis of a predetermined rule and that is a request including certification indicating that a second terminal apparatus is trusted by the first terminal apparatus on the basis of a rule held in the first terminal apparatus.

The registering unit registers the second terminal apparatus, when the receiving unit has received the registration request.

Dating a stoner yahoo

Filed: March 9, Abstract: A ature matrix is used to test each online event for inclusion of a user in a pre-generated lookalike audience. Locality Sensitive Hashing is used to compile the ature matrix to dramatically reduce memory storage requirements and processing time for each received online event. A technique of producing Dating a stoner yahoo ature matrices between generation of the full ature matrix helps to enable near-real time performance in processing each received event to see if a user associated with that event should be added to one of the lookalike audiences pre-generated by advertiser.

Filed: May 13, Publication date: November 16, Systems and methods to provide assistance during user input. Abstract: Systems and methods to provide assistance for completion during user input. In one embodiment, a method includes automatically generating profiles for persons identified in messages, such as incoming and outgoing s. When a user is typing an input, the profiles are used to identify suggestions for the completion of the user input. Date of Patent: November 14, Cort, Adam Michael Smith. Advertisement delivery management apparatus and advertisement delivery management method.

Abstract: An advertisement delivery management apparatus according to an embodiment includes an allocation unit and an advertisement delivery unit. The allocation unit selects delivery target users who have the user attribute deated by each of order requests and whose corresponds to the of deliveries deated by each of order requests, from a plurality of delivery target users predicted as future advertisement delivery destinations, and allocates the selected delivery target users to the order requests.

The advertisement delivery unit selects the advertising information of the order request corresponding to a user attribute of a user of a user terminal on the basis of the allocation result of the allocation unit and transmits the selected advertising information to the user terminal. Filed: December 16, Missed media system and method. Abstract: A web site receives, by a computer, a request from a user device to display a news item web .

Dating a stoner yahoo

The computer determines a time and date that the user ly visited the web site to view news items, identifies news items published after the determined time and date, dynamically generates a web including at least a portion of the identified news items, and transmits the generated web to the user device. Filed: December 21, Date of Patent: November 7, Inventor: Pradheep Elango. Correction device, correction method, and storage medium. Abstract: A correction device includes a first acquisition unit configured to acquire an arrangement position of advertisement information within a predetermined layout when the advertisement information arranged in the predetermined layout is displayed on a display screen of a terminal and a click rate at the arrangement position.

The correction device includes a second acquisition unit configured to acquire a specific position in the predetermined layout displayed on the display screen and an attention degree index indicating a degree of attention of the specific position as compared to another position. The correction device includes a correction unit configured to correct a click rate of the advertisement information based on the attention degree index of the specific position corresponding to the arrangement position of the advertisement information.

Filed: January 13, Inventor: Hiroki Shimora. Using location-based request data for identifying beacon locations. Abstract: System and method are directed towards determining an approximate location of a cell tower CTusing at least implicit location information obtained from a plurality of mobile devices obtained while each mobile device user employs a location based application. Also obtained are CT identifiers associated with a cell tower each mobile device is currently employing.

When a sufficient of mobile devices provide implicit location information for a given CT identifier, an approximate location may be determined. Subsequently, when a mobile device provides a CT identifier for which an approximate location has been determined, the approximate location information may be used to assist the user of the mobile device. For example, the user might access a location based application and automatically have an approximate location of the user's mobile device be provided to the application transparent to the user.

Filed: July 11, Inventor: Mor Naaman. Abstract: An information processing apparatus includes a determination unit that determines the degree of familiarity between a user and an artifact that performs interactive interaction with the user, on the basis of at least one of the type and the amount of the user's action detected when the artifact is accompanied by the user, and a change unit that changes the content of the interaction in accordance with the degree of familiarity determined by the determination unit.

Filed: July 19, Publication date: November 2, Abstract: Dating a stoner yahoo notification-needed information presenting apparatus that includes a plurality Dating a stoner yahoo display devices configured to display information to an occupant of a vehicle, at least one sensor included in each of the plurality of display devices that is configured to detect at least one of a position of the occupant and a behavior of the occupant, and a processor operatively coupled with the plurality of display devices and each of the at least one sensor that is programmed to determine behavior of the occupant toward the plurality of display devices, and control the plurality of display devices to present an advertisement to the occupant in accordance with at least one of: the determined behavior of the occupant, and a condition related to the vehicle.

Filed: July 20, Weather presentation. A grid size of a first geohash cell e. A first weather station, located in the first geohash cell, and a second weather station, located in a second geohash cell neighboring the first geohash cell, are identified.

A first distance from the first weather station to the location is determined, and a second distance from the second weather station to the location is determined. Responsive to the first distance being less than the second distance, information from the first weather station is presented to the user.

Responsive to the second distance being less than the first distance, information from the second weather station is presented to the user. Dating a stoner yahoo November 20, Date of Patent: October 31, Asee: Yahoo Holdings, Inc. Inventors: Prashant Ramarao, Arunkumar Balasubramanian. Search engine and method for performing a search for objects that correspond to a search request.

Abstract: A search engine for finding objects that correspond to a search request, including an input module for receiving a keyword query from a user, and a search module being configured to map the keyword query to the identifiers of objects that semantically match the keyword or the plurality of keywords contained in the keyword query, and to generate a search result that contains a listing of matching object identifiers, is characterized in that the search module is further configured to generate the search result by considering network layer information about the user within the process of mapping the keyword query to identifiers of matching objects, wherein the network layer information include sophisticated information the search module receives from a dedicated entity.

Filed: August 12, Deep linking to mobile applications.

Dating a stoner yahoo

Abstract: Techniques are described for providing deep linking capability from any mobile app to any other mobile app in a way that is scalable.

Dating a stoner yahoo

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