Capricorn woman dating cancer man

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The aspect of opposition can be a tense and difficult one, but when determining whether two people are compatible by zodiacopposite s are the natural partners for each other. As opposite s, a Cancer man and Capricorn woman combination have good compatibility and are a natural couple. They provide balance for each other and each is strong where the other is weak. On the other hand, they will have a lot of trouble if they try to make their relationship conform to traditional gender roles. Cancer is the most closely associated with the home, and Capricorn is the that is closely associated with career concerns.

For this reason, they will do far better if he manages the household and she works outside the home. If he does not have someone to care for, his worst traits can come to the forefront, such as neediness, clinginess, self-indulgence, and self-pity. This could cause difficulties when he gets into a relationship, particularly if his mother is the type to interfere or to criticize his partner. Although he does well when he is caring for others, he does not always think to pay attention to his own needs or consider practical concerns.

A Capricorn woman is extremely practical and sensible. She knows how to navigate the physical world and even how to conquer it. In earlier times, a Capricorn woman was usually the force behind the success of her husband, but in modern times, she is much more free to climb the corporate ladder for herself. Despite this, she can be a devoted wife and mother, and she will take her relationship Capricorn woman dating cancer man seriously. She will be more concerned about the financial and material stability of her family than she will about their emotional needs.

A Cancer man and Capricorn woman will be instantly drawn to each other. This is common for s that are opposite each other. Opposites really do attract. If they get over the initial hurdle and do meet, they will soon realize that they fit each other perfectly. They are both rather quiet and somewhat conservative.

He will be steadied by her sensible earthiness, and she will be warmed by his tenderness. While this will be enough for him, it may not be enough for her. She will consider the practical implications of a relationship with him.

Capricorn woman dating cancer man

Unless a Cancer man works in a helping profession, he will not seem to have much in the way of ambition. If she is wise, she will see that despite appearances, this would be a practical pairing for her. He will be willing and able to provide her with the support that she needs so that she can devote herself to her work. A Cancer man and Capricorn woman will complement each other well in the bedroom, and sex will bond them closer together.

A Cancer man is passionate and tender, and in spite of her cold and businesslike exterior, a Capricorn woman is very sensual. There are actually two possibilities regarding a marriage between a Cancer man and a Capricorn woman.

They could try to have a traditional marriage, with her trying to manage the household and to be the primary caretaker for the children, or they could accept a role reversal and have him manage the household and be the primary caretaker Capricorn woman dating cancer man the children. In the first scenario, their marriage compatibility drops. In the second scenario, it rises. The reason that they may attempt a more traditional arrangement is that they will both tend to be rather conservative.

They also may be influenced by others, particularly his mother, to stick to a more conventional arrangement. It is not just that he has talents better suited to the home and she has talents better suited to the office, this is what they each have a strong desire to do. She will resent him for his advancement in his career, and he will resent her, especially if she is able to be home with the children more than he is.

Capricorn woman dating cancer man

As parents, regardless of how they arrange the division of labor in their household, the children will experience him as the primary nurturer and her as the disciplinarian. They will both be devoted parents, but they may have some trouble when the children are teenagers, especially if they get into mischief or start to rebel.

Capricorn woman dating cancer man

Neither the Cancer man nor Capricorn woman was prone to mischief or rebellion when they were young, so they will have a hard time understanding these things in their children. They naturally complement each other as to their abilities and temperaments. She is best at practical matters, and he has a personal touch.

If a Cancer man and Capricorn woman allow themselves to do things in the way that is most comfortable for them, they will have very little, if any, conflict. They will both naturally fall into the roles that suit them Capricorn woman dating cancer man and live harmoniously together.

Like all couples, they may have a few arguments from time to time, but these fights will not be serious. As stated before, the best arrangement for a Cancer man and Capricorn woman is for him to be in charge of the home and her to be the main breadwinner.

He may also feel inadequate or unmasculine due to social pressure. If this happens, they may take things out on each other, causing tension and conflict. This is a similar issue as would be faced by a Cancer man and Scorpio woman.

This will be a bigger problem when this couple is younger. As they mature, they will tend to become less worried about what other people think of them. If they both can be comfortable with such an arrangement, they will be a harmonious couple that can stand the test of time. Bad Tempered Cancer male and hippie like Capricorn female compatibility? What issues would most likely arrise in the relationship? By Author Cynthia Thinnes.

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Capricorn woman dating cancer man

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