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With our special kit for our customers who always ask more, you can eliminate all stone marks, scratches and make touch-ups on your car Thanks to its longer shelf life, you can meet life-long needs of your car. This is a specially formulated product in order to be sure that end users can apply esaily to achieve professional.

You do not need to wax your car again as this glass shield protection gives you the gloss of a wax and a durable nano coating at the same time. With German patented technology Color N Drive puts an end to your problem in 3 basic steps. Evey KIT is custom prepared in line with your manufacturer's choice on original paint brand.

With innovative Motos - Motorcycles touch up paint system, Color N Drive easily treats the areas that needs to be covered fast and easy. Our system prevents your car from the affects of corrosion and rust. So you can get rid of expensive repairs easily. Due to the patented solution 'Correct N Clear', you can use the system without any worries. With only three basic steps you can repair paint chips and scratches instantly for your Motos - Motorcycles.

Repairing your car stone chips and scratches on a regular basis is both cost effective and makes good sense, as left to deteriorate these minor areas of damage can soon turn into rust spots that seriously affect the value of your car and spoil its overall appearance. We guarantee our paint will match the original color of your Motos - Motorcycles, Our database of automotive paint colors create a valuable one-stop solution for our customers.

Searching for touch-up paint through car dealers, auto part stores and collision repair shops Candy phoenix blue be quite difficult - we make finding Candy phoenix blue ordering car paint simple. Whether you are looking for old car paint, unusual car paint, or paint for a brand new car, our colors database has got it.

We use the highest quality car paints to achieve first class repairs every time, all of our car touch up paints are custom mixed to match Motos - Motorcycles original factory paint code, using precise computer mixing technology. Everything is included in our system for you to have pro in your Motos - Motorcycles. From sponges to brushes and microfiber cloths. Without hesitation you can touch and cover up the defective area with a paint special to your vehicle's color code. Clean the excess parts and overflows with the help of a German made and Patented special solution.

This is my second time purchasing this product. I love it. Perfect color match. Easy to use. Made my car look flawless.

Candy phoenix blue

Great quality kit, fast shipping! Would buy again. When they do I will buy it in. A heart beat because these kits are Hugh quality. If you can not find your color in our database, try to write your color code in the system and proceed, if the color code is provided there will not be a mistake in the formulation. Computers can show the colors different sometimes due to programming code that is used. Yes, after the paint is cured like 3 days, our paint has the same resistance like oem paint.

So you will not see that paint chips and scratches for years. The shelf life of our products is up to 12 months. Assuming the products are stored properly in a dark, cool and dry place. Our solution has a indefinete shell life.

Candy phoenix blue

Altough we have offices around the world, we do not employ people for this purpose in order to keep our prices at minumum levels. No there is not but how ever if you will use the kit on a repainted surface, as we do not know the quality of the job done be sure to apply the system in a small area first. Deep scratches down to paint or primer layer can be repaired by Color N Drive system. You can use multiple coats to have better effect. Your Garage 1. Touch Up Paint. What Candy phoenix blue Touch Up Paint?

Why Touch Up Paint? Ceramic Coating. Order, Shipping, Payment. Read All Reviews Average star ratings based on listed sources. Color N Drive Promises. Select Model. Select Year Top Seller Free Worldwide Shipping. With this Start-up kit, You may easily eliminate 50 stone marks on your car.

With More Paint and Solution, you can easily eliminate more than stone marks. Touch Up Paint With our special kit for our customers who always ask more, you can eliminate all stone marks, scratches and make touch-ups on your car Thanks to its longer shelf life, you can meet life-long needs of your car. Protect your car paint from bird drops, scratches, stone chips, iron powder and UV Enjoy the deep gloss shine that no other product can match Thanks to Hydrophobic properties your car stays clean longer, less efforts while washing your car.

Unlike other products in the market you can apply easily without any concerns so you save for the application cost. Good for two cars, also can be applied to motorcycles. Higher hardness levels with flexibility. Long life protection that lasts up to 5 years.

Candy phoenix blue

Mark Rambo. This kit comes with everything you need to touch up your car's paint. Highly recommended. It worked well enough to cover up a large scrape I had on the passenger door. My concern was to prevent rusting and it appears to have done the job for that. Wonderful and kind service from mark and the team! Highly recommend for all car owners. View All Comments Original Equipment Manufacturer Code is used to formulate the paint in your car.

I can not find my code in your database or the color i see looks different? Is it really this simple?

Candy phoenix blue

Yes it is, please check our application to see how easy and effective our system is. Is this a permanent repair? What is the shelf life of your product? Do You have stores or application centers? Application Questions Please check our application for further information. Do I need to use additional material to finish the repair. No, eveything you need is included in the package.

Can there be any possibility to harm my car. Can i use it on deep scratches.

Candy phoenix blue

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