Can twins be missed at dating scan

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Welcome Active Popular Browse. Anyone had twins but not found out on first ultrasound? Hi, I am pregnant with my second child and have this strong feeling that its twins. I had very high Hcg levels, and my morning sickness is so much worse than with my daughter. Plus I already look like I'm starting to show - even my mum who is a midwife commented on my belly. I have had a scan and there only looks like there is one baby but the scan was early at 6 weeks. Has anyone had twins and been told on early ultrasound that there was just one?

Can twins be missed at dating scan

Posted Tuesday 05 June pm. Pregnancy due date calculator hCG levels chart Baby eye colour predictor Baby shower games. I was sure that I was carrying multipes for the same reasons. I was bloated up and had a prominant pregnant belly by 9 weeks and I had very high hcg levels too.

But there is just one in there. I think it's something that crosses most mummies minds, particularily if you have a family history. I wouldn't be buying too of everthything just yet, but high levels are a of a good healthy pregnancy so congratulations smile.

Can twins be missed at dating scan

My twins were not picked up at the six week scan. First time my obs had missed it. It was picked up at 10 weeks at my second visit. Then I had the neucal scan at 12 weeks. But saying that I had the pregnancy from hell and that all had to do with size and at the first scan the smaller one would have only been the the sizeof about 4 weeks. They were identical but had major growth problems and were born 1kg difference.

As others have said the high HGC level is not really anything to go by and starting to show early not a either. Even with the twins I did not show till I was about 16 weeks. Hope that you have a healthy pregnancy and have a healthy baby. Good luck.

Can twins be missed at dating scan

Yeah, I guess I was just hoping wink Hubby says this is the last one for us and I was kinda hoping for more. Figured he couldn't be too mad if i got a bonus with this pregnancy LOL. Then again maybe I'll have a hidden one at a later ultrasound wink. Posted Wednesday 06 June pm. Replynowdammit Australia Total posts: Congrats on going full term with the second baby.

My first boy only lived for 1 hour so grieving him and still being pregnant was the biggest head screw ever but my other is a happy 12year old now and a total blessing. Posted Thursday 07 June pm. The reason you could be so big is because you are carrying a lot of fluid, thats why i got so big and i had morning sickness for 5 months and wasn't eating much at all and still grew big. Sorry for your loss. Totally understand about them being a blessing. I think that every day about my boys. It would have really screwed with your head. Pleased to hear that all is well 12 years on.

Posted Saturday 09 June am.

Can twins be missed at dating scan

So have u had another scan? Sorry benign nosey smile 1or2 surprises wink grin. Posted Monday 25 June pm. Based on discussion with my Doctor at 6 weeks she said "not likely to be having twins" because while I had been nausea but there was no actual vomitting.

Can twins be missed at dating scan

She didn't do any scans because we knew the dates. The ob at 13 weeks nearly missed it until right at the end of the scan so it was a big shock to everyone. Posted Wednesday 27 June pm.

Can twins be missed at dating scan Can twins be missed at dating scan

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