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Lineage Eternal Class Elementalist

- Mage Elementalist -
The Ivory Tower was once the center of magical learning. But now it has become a pawn of the Dark Emperor. The Mage is a your scholar who opposes the corrupt Ivory Tower.

Lineage Eternal Class Elementalist

Lineage Eternal Class ElementalistLineage Eternal Class Elementalist

Mage utilizes three magical stances. The first is Destruction Stance which controls elemental forces such as fire, ice and lightning.
In this stance the mage can perform Fire Wall by drawing a straight line using the drag skill. The player controls the length, location and direction just by dragging the mouse. Using the same technique the mage can also put up walls of ice, blocking enemies from reaching the hero.

Skills preview

Wall – When you draw a straight line the mage will create a wall of a specific element. For example you can create a wall of fire that damages enemies that pass through it.
Deathly Touch – This spell is a channeled area of effect ability. You can control the area of effect by moving the mouse.
Telekinesis – Target an area location to levitate enemies which you then can throw in any direction by draggin the mouse.

- Drag-Skill -

The “Drag-Skill“.
In LE you will be executing most of your abilities using the Drag-Skill function. It’s a kind of mouse-gesture that translates into using a skill of your hero.
As an example:

Lineage Eternal Class Elementalist

If you draw a circle around your Knight using the drag skill he will perform a Whirling Slash and if you draw a straight line with a Mage you will create a Fire Wall.скачать dle 10.3форекс портал для начинающих / бинарные опционы
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Ülfchen (Users)
8 January 2015 09:01

Can´t await to see the skill system in action for myself :)

Gin_sensei (Users)
8 January 2015 19:56

this is my class

MajestiC (Users)
5 July 2016 18:00

This class is super cool :DDDDD
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