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PROJECT TL - Unreal Engine 4 PC

PROJECT TL - Unreal Engine 4 PC

NCSoft just revealed a new teaser trailer showing off gameplay for their new upcoming Unreal Engine 4 PC MMORPG called Project TL. Although they haven't mentioned, this might be the new Lineage Eternal remake as it's also set in the Lineage World. This must be NCSoft's answer to Lost Ark Online! With the latest Unreal Engine 4 update the developers are no longer held back and can go all out in terms of graphics, weather, environment, physics, destructible objects, and more.

After reading some more Korean news article, it is the remake of Lineage Eternal that was rumored back in August. They've completely dropped the multi-character system and players will be able to customize their own character/avatars. Project TL (The Lineage) is going to have five playable classes. The developers critically looked at the player feedback and suggestions from Lineage Eternal and pushed it towards this game. The 1st Closed Beta is scheduled to start sometime next year in 2018!

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panpeSi (Users)
29 June 2018 16:55

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faiklamvab (Users)
30 June 2018 20:07

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